1. MECTA seeks to meet the professional needs and interests of members as well as to improve public understanding of technology, innovation, research and engineering education and its contributions.
  2. MECTA will conduct various professional faculty development programs .It also plans to hold conferences, seminar, workshops, and industrial visits. It plans to organize a technical exhibition that will be largest technology education showcase of exhibits and educational sessions in the world.
  3. MECTA will collaborate with its sister associations from around the world in international conferences hosted in selected countries. It will solve problems of teacher, student community with the help of associated bodies like AICTE, DTE and Universities
  4. MECTA decided to start their own publication that leads the profession by providing teaching directions, instructional ideas, and research opportunities. This will benefit both teachers and students
  5. MECTA has numerous committees, task forces, and boards that coordinate all aspects of technology education and support dozens of meetings, conferences, and exhibits each year.
  6. MECTA will support an active honors and awards program that recognizes outstanding teachers, MECTA also presents award certificates and supports other programs that recognize outstanding efforts in the technology teaching profession.
  7. MECTA strives to provide concerned public with an understanding of the importance of technological literacy through technology, research and engineering education to the future growth and well-being of all nations.